Kosteniuk: How I Became Grandmaster at Age 14 (Autographed Hardcover Book)

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This is my first published book. It came out when I was 17 just as I reached the final of the women's world chess championship in 2001. It contains my first most important games, like when I first beat a man Grandmaster, and positions where I played cool combinations. There is a whole section on how to teach small kids chess, it's exactly how my dad taught me chess and helped me get the title of Grandmaster (that was Women Grandmaster at the time, in 1998, later on in 2004 I became Men's Grandmaster, and in 2008 I became the 12th Women's World Chess Champion). I think this book would be nice for people to find out how I grew up, also interesting for parents who don't know how to teach chess to their kids. My second book that came out in 2009 after I became I became the Women's World Chess Champion in 2008 is also on sale on this site.

By Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th Women's World Chess Champion

Synopsis from the book: Charming Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, winner of numerous European and world girls' championship titles, invites you to join her on an exciting trip to the magical world of chess. This book will help complete novices get started and also aid more experienced players in their quest for improvement. Autobiographical accounts by Alexandra and her family are presented alongside of the instructional materials.

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Price: $19.95

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