Upgrade to Chess King Gold (new for 2016) download

Price: $59.95

Upgrade to the top of the line Chess King Gold 2016 from any previous version
Limited time offer - if you have the 2015 Chess King Gold full version with second group of numbers in your serial number 25052 and send us your serial number, your upgrade is free!

Compared to previous versions you get:
• New features such as the full-game evaluation graph
• Themes with different interface colors, more can be added
• Display module rewritten, compatible with more screen sizes and 120 dpi
• Better handling of permission and activation errors
• Brand new GigaKing 2016 database with games to end 2015

When you buy Chess King Gold upgrade from Chess King 2, Chess King 3 or
Chess King 4, you will get a brand complete new Chess King Gold with Houdini 4 Pro
serial number with second group of numbers "25052" with 4 activations
allowed so you can do 4 clean installs.
You also get, apart from a PC installer, a Mac installer which allows you
to install Chess King Gold on both PC's and Macs. Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatible.
If you have any questions, please write to support@chess-king.com

Price: $59.95

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