NEW 2017 Versions! We now have 3 Chess King versions. all versions include installers for the PC and for the Mac and can be installed in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Russian). You get 4 activations allowed with all programs in any mix PC and Mac. You can have unlimited users in each program. All versions are complete chess software programs. All versions include the new GigaKing 2017.
The PC versions are Windows-10 compatible. The Mac version works for all OS’s from 10.7 to 10.12. The main difference is in the analysis/playing engine between Chess King Standard, Platinum and Platinum Pro. Upgrades are available from all previous versions. Contact me or Diego and we will be glad to help.

for PC and Mac
for PC and Mac
for PC and Mac
Chess King Versions
Name Chess King Standard Chess King Platinum Chess King Platinum Pro
get it today
get it today
get it today
Price $39.95 $79.95 $109.95
Release date

2017 2017 2017
Multiprocessor Support
Maximum # of Cores 1 6 128
Engine Included Houdini 2
New 2017 version
Most affordable
Complete program 1-core Houdini 2
Houdini 5
New 2017 version
With Houdini 5
up to 6 cores
Houdini 5 Pro
New 2017 version
With Houdini 5 Pro
up to 128 cores
Speed of Analysis Fast Faster Fastest
Approx. Rating of Engine 3200 3330 3380
Nalimov/Gaviota Support
6-Men Syzygy Support

Classical Play
Random Play
Chess960 Play

GigaKing Database 6 million / to December 2016 6 million / to December 2016 6 million / to December 2016
Free game updates 1 year
Free game updates 1 year
Free game updates 1 year
Puzzles Over 1500 Over 1500 Over 1500
Quest Games

Over 100 Over 100 Over 100
Windows-8 and Mac Compatible
Notes: We have great upgrade offers for all users of any prior version of Chess King! If you own any of the previous versions of Chess King and would like to upgrade, please email us. Give your serial number, location and date of previous purchase and you will get an attractive discount offer by return.