Chess King Standard 2016 – Successful Purchase

Dear customer!

Thank you for purchasing CHESS KING STANDARD 2016. This is the January 2016 new version of Chess King Standard, replacing Chess King Standard 2015 for PC and Mac, and the 2011-2014 Chess King and Chess King 2 for PC. It contains the engine Houdini 2 and supports 1 core. It contains the latest improvements to the program and the newest GigaKing game database.
The PC version is compatible with Windows up to the latest Windows 10 and the Mac version is compatible with the latest OS 10.11 El Capitan.

Below you will find links to download the PC or Mac version of Chess King Standard. You can download either the PC or the Mac version or both, as needed. You have the right to install and activate this program up to 4 times, on any PC or Mac, in any mix (for example all 4 PC, or 3 PC and 1 Mac, or all Mac).

When you install the program you will need to enter the serial number you received when you ordered and paid for Chess King Standard. Please keep your serial number in a safe place and don’t share it with others.



Note these files are approximately 2 GB in size, so it’s normal they take awhile to download, please be patient.

If you have any issues with our program, send us a support request at this page. Please specify your serial number on
your letter and if possible attach screenshots of the issue you are having.


Run the setup program you downloaded. Follow the instructions in the installation program.


Chess King Standard 2016 includes Houdini 2.

The author of the Houdini engine limited the number of times his program can be installed. Chess King Standard 2016 with Houdini 2 can be installed (reinstalled) up to 4 times. If you have any problems with it, contact our customer support to increase the limit of activations.

During the installation your computer must be connected to the Internet.


We strongly recommend watching the new free tutorial videos on Chess King 4 (the tutorials are valid for Chess King Standard too)
by Alexandra Kosteniuk and Steve Lopez, that’s over 2 hours of training, at this link:
You can also download a “zip” file with all videos in HD MP4:
and then watch them any way you please (iPad, PC, Mac, etc.)

We also just published a very complete manual for Chess King that you can download here (23 MB):

We hope you like Chess King!

Diego Garces, CEO, Chess King &
Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th Women’s World Chess Champion