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This is my autobiography which I wrote right after winning the 2008 Women's World Chess Championship. I put an enormous amount of work into it, wrote lots of text and added lots of photos, covers my whole career since I was a very young girl until I won the World Title. You won't be bored reading this book.

Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk chronicles her rise to the top of the chess world in this introspective autobiographical work. Drawing from personal diaries kept during her youth, Kosteniuk takes the reader from the very dawn of her career as a child star in Russia, through triumph and disappointment, and finally to the pinnacle of success on the black-and-white battlefield.

By Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th Women's World Chess Champion
Foreword by Anatoly Karpov

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In the mold of The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
By Seth on December 30, 2009
Format: Paperback
The structural layout of Alexandra's book very much resembles Tal's classic, "The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal." Kosteniuk's book is, like Tal's work, an autobiography. There is much prose (normally at the beginning of each chapter). She starts at her childhood, and takes the reader right up to (and a bit past!) her 2008 World Championship match. Many game fragments are sprinkled throughout each chapter, as well as a substantial number of full-length, annotated games. Alexandra's writing is easily accessible to players of every skill level, whether they be young, old, beginners or masters. I found that she mixed the number of variations and explanations evenly. Since Alexandra typically plays a slashing, aggressive brand of chess, the games are never boring! Also, the translation (sometimes a problem in chess books) made the English read naturally (shout out to the translator, fellow Michigander Jim Marfia!!). She drops various tips and tricks of the Grandmaster trade along the way. The Women's World Champ clearly invested alot of time and effort into writing this book. I wonder if she'll write another some day?

So to sum up, "Diary of a Chess Queen," is a very interesting read, and you probably won't be disappointed if you purchase it.

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The education of a grandmaster
By Alejandro Benitez on December 31, 2009
Format: Paperback
The Russian school of chess... the Russian chess tradition... these terms did not really mean much to someone who was not a chess professional or a chess connoisseur, even if I had followed chess for so many years and admired figures like Tal or Kasparov... it was not until I read Kosteniuk's book that I came to see what those notions really mean: a life dedicated to chess in the context of a whole society that is passionate about chess, where chess training and practices are held in the highest steem and the time spent studying chess is not constantly questioned as an absurdity. Kosteniuk's very enjoyable book brought these insights and many others that make me appreciate chess even more... for that I am very grateful to her and wish her continued success!!

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L R Crosby, Texas
By L. R. Crosby on December 28, 2009
Format: Paperback
It is not necessary to be an expert at chess to thoroughly enjoy this book. For those with a passing interest in the sport, the book is filled with photos of Alexandra and many other world renowned players. Alexandra takes the reader inside the political world of chess and tournament play. The book is also a travelogue of the places she has traveled to compete. And for those who want to get out a chess board and recreate the games Alexandra has played to become champion, there's plenty of them also - with commentary by Alexandra. Alexandra is a tireless proponent and campaigner for chess, especially for the young. She has held numerous simuls all over the world to promote the sport. Even against the Russian parliament. And the book is not ghost written. Alexandra tells us that every jot and tittle of the Russian edition was written by her personally. It's worth your time.

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By J. Evans on December 29, 2009
Format: Paperback
I bought this book for my son. He really loves it. Alexandra does a great job promoting chess. This is a great book for beginners, as well as experienced players. The annotations and photographs make this book a real bargin. I am a class A/B player (B right now). If you like chess, or would like to learn more about it, get this book. I for one, would love to see more women playing. I plan to get another copy for my daughter.

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Superbly written, well paced, carefully proofread
By Mark Trevor Smith on December 27, 2009
Format: Paperback
Very impressive and inspiring book. Thank you, Alexandra, for your hard work in creating such a well-written, charming, and profound contribution to the world of chess. The story line is gripping; the games are fascinating and brilliantly annotated; the writing style and the proofreading are excellent (quite unusual for chess books!) This book will inspire girls and young women but also keep us boys and men hypnotized. I am very happy for Alexandra's success and I compliment her on her wise choice of translator (Jim Marfia) and husband, both of whom, like her father and mother, have lovingly encouraged her extraordinary talent, impressive stamina, and devoted self-improvement. You can read this book only for the story, and you can study the game annotations to learn about the highest levels of chess from the women's world champion. Kosteniuk's Diary of a Chess Queen will take its place among the very best that has been written about chess.

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A Unique Book on Chess
By Ronald St Pierre on December 26, 2009
Format: Paperback
Alexandra is not only a brilliant chess player, a good writer, a tireless worker to promote chess, especially for women, but also a generous woman with her time and energies. Her diary is more than just that. It contains in-depth analysis of a few score of her games, delightful descriptions of her life and how she learned chess, how her readers should develop chess skills and descriptions of the places she has visited to pursue her love of chess. There are over a hundred pictures of her career and a section of color pictures as well. In essence, it an inspiration to any interested in chess to deepen their knowledge, practice hard and succeed at the elegant game this true queen devoted herself to.

-Ar Este Pi

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A Wonderful Book!
By Joseph J. Casey Jr. on December 27, 2009
Format: Paperback
This book is a wonderful read. I found myself unable to put it down at times. Alexandra describes her journey from early childhood to Women's World Championship in 2008. Ms. Kosteniuk is a great promotor and tireless worker for chess and it shows throughout the pages of her book. I am currently going through the book a 2nd time with a chess board to enjoy the analysis of her games. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in chess.

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