Elementary Chess Combinations (DVD)

Price: $17.22

  • Rating: 1000-1600 ELO
  • Difficulty: beginner and club player
  • Topics: Tactics, Middlegame

If you are a beginner, it is necessary for you to study simple tactical methods and learn how to employ them! This course includes more than 5000 exercises for beginners on the following tactical methods:

  • “Fork”
  • “pin”
  • “double check”
  • “discovered check”
  • “annihilation of the opponent’s king defense”
  • “exploiting a back (1st) rank weakness”

If you are a beginner or a club player, this is the program for you! After going through this course you will never miss an elementary combination in a practical game of your own and will be able to improve the quality of your play considerably.

You get plenty of feedback and opportunity to track your progress.

  • Study the training material and test your knowledge
  • Review your rating history
  • Keep track of the progress of multiple users. Compete against your friends and family members
  • Practice by playing against a chess program

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. No additional software required.




Price: $17.22

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