Chess King 2018 PC & Mac Versions + bonus iPhone/iPad & Android Premium Subscriptions


Download Versions and DVD’s for Windows and Mac

PC version compatible up to current newest Windows 10; Download Mac version compatible up to Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave. Note! The Mac version does not yet work with the 2019 Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. We expect to have a Catalina compatible version soon and it will be a free update for all 2018 users. Includes latest engine Houdini 6/6Pro winner of the 10th season Top Chess Engine Championship!

Bonus: Free subscriptions to Chess King Learn Online Courses (value $9.95 to $65.95)! Offer valid on web, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android (phones and tablets): 60 full courses unlocked on all platforms! NEW: Free download: 1 MOBILE APP CHESS KING WITH ALL COURSES!

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Software Updated for 2018
The most popular chess software just got better. Updated with option for engines Houdini 6 and Houdini 6 Pro and compatible with more Operating Systems! See below.

All latest Operating Systems
All 3 Chess King versions come in brand new versions compatible PC & Mac & and all are Multilingual

Buy any version and get both versions and up to 4 activations
in any mix PC & Mac, for example 3 PC’s and 1 Mac.

PC version compatible with latest Windows version 10.
Mac version compatible with latest OS 10.14 Mojave.

Chess King is the only major chess software package
that can also be installed on a Mac.

All versions can be installed in English, French, Spanish, German or Russian.

Internet connection required only during installation for activation of engine Houdini.

New Engine Houdini 6

Chess King 2018 Diamond and Diamond Pro versions contain the brand new Houdini 6 and Houdini 6 Pro engines.

Houdini 6 continues the impressive surge made by its predecessor by adding another 50 to 60 Elo in strength, to become once again the strongest engine that money can buy. This playing strength increase means that Houdini 6 is stronger than Houdini 5 using twice the time; or in other words, upgrading to Houdini 6 is like doubling the computational power of your computer for chess.

Every aspect of the engine has been thoroughly reviewed and refined: evaluation, search, time management and table base usage. Houdini 6 makes better use of multiple threads and will be particularly strong on hardware with many cores. To take into account the recent availability of mainstream processors with 8 cores, Houdini 6 Standard version now supports up to 8 threads. On high-end hardware Houdini 6 Pro can make use of up to 128 threads.

The evaluations have again been calibrated to correlate directly with the win expectancy in the position. A +1.00 pawn advantage gives a 75% chance of winning the game against an equal opponent at blitz time control. At +1.50 the engine will win 90% of the time, and at +2.50 about 99% of the time. To win nearly 50% of the time, you need and advantage of about +0.60 pawn.

The enhanced Tactical Mode turns Houdini 6 into the most impressive position solver ever, improving on the records the previous Houdini versions set for solving tactical test suites. When running multiple threads the tactical mode can now be activated for only some of the threads.

In December of 2017, after intense struggle, Houdini has officially won Season 10 of the Top Chess Engine Championship, becoming the engine with most titles in TCEC history. Read’s interview with the creator of the engine Robert Houdart, where he speaks about the Superfinal of TCEC, Season 10, the future season and a possibility for a match with the new AlphaZero.

New: Free Access to Chess King Learn Online

When you buy one of the new Chess King 2018 versions, you get free access to dozens of high quality online chess courses (value from $9.95 to $65.95) at as well as all those courses fully unlocked in either iOS or Android Apps on your iPhone/iPad/phone or tablet. That’s an enormous amount of chess educational material at your fingertips during the free subscription period.

Updated GigaKing 2018

Chess King 2018 versions contain the huge collection of games
GigaKing 2018 Database with over 6,800,000 games from the 16th century to December 2017
Over 600,000 correspondence games
Over 2,000 games commented in detail,

Other software companies sell game collections
for more than we sell the complete package,
so choose your version from the ones below:

Chess King Diamond: Rock Solid

This is the new 2018 updated Chess King Diamond with Houdini 6


Has all the qualities that made this program the top selling in the USA:
• Deep version now supports up to 8 cores
• Contains the industry leader Houdini 6 chess engine, rating 3260+ ELO
• In addition to Classical Chess supports fully Chess960

Top of the Line: Chess King Diamond Pro

The top of the line Chess King Diamond Pro includes the new super strong engine Houdini 6 Pro and now replaces versions with Houdini 5 Pro. Houdini 6 Pro is the latest and strongest engine that most GM’s use, with an estimated rating above 3460 ELO. It supports up to 128 cores and 256 GB of hash.

When you buy Chess King Diamond Pro, you get BOTH PC & Mac versions and 4 activations. The engine Houdini 6 Pro in the PC version is the original UCI version which can be taken out of Chess King Diamond Pro and used in most other chess software.

Perfect Entry: Chess King Standard
Supports all PC & Mac configurations


Has all the games, puzzles, quest games as the other two versions.
Same exact interface, import and export options.

Designed to work on the largest number of PC’s and Macs
Special version of Houdini 2 for Chess King is 1-core
Engine rating is Grandmaster level 3000+ ELO
Does not support Chess960 due to limitations of Houdini 2.

You can’t afford to train without it
Play classical games, solve puzzles, set up positions, analyze your own games with Houdini, print games, publish to blog, browse the GigaKing games database, search and study openings with the huge included opening tree, prepare for your next opponent. You can do all that with the new 2018 versions of Chess King!


5-Minute Video Description. Valid for 2018 versions!

The difference from year to year are:
(Chess King 4 -> Silver -> Platinum -> Diamond and 4 Pro -> Gold -> Platinum Pro -> Diamond Pro)
• Improvements in the interface, new functions
• GigaKing database of games is updated to the latest available
• For the top versions new engines are included Houdini 4 -> 5 ->6 (Pro)
If you want more information about upgrading and the different versions, check out our Comparison Page.


Over 2 hours of Free Video Tutorials
You’ll be an expert in no time with the free video tutorials by the 12th women’s world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk and chess guru Steve Lopez. Either watch the whole playlist on YouTube, or download all tutorials in HD and watch them on your PC, Mac, Phone or iPad. It’s free! The tutorials on Chess King 4 totally apply to the new 2018 versions of Chess King.


We also just published a very complete manual for Chess King that you can download here (23 MB):


Endorsement and Customer Support
We want you to be happy with your purchase

Grandmaster and 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk recommends Chess King as a great tool to improve at chess. If you have any technical issue, fill in the online support form, or contact
Diego for any issue about Chess King. We will do our best to help.