New 2020: CT-ART 6.0 is now available on all platforms!

You get versions on Windows Peshka 2.0 also web access PC & Mac, and mobile access, online & offline, on iOS & Android, 5 courses, 10,000+ puzzles, multi language

CT-ART 5.0 (with 3 levels) was our best seller PC training program, with over 100,000 installs. And now the interface has been updated and improved greatly to version Peshka 2.0 and extended to 5 levels/courses. It’s now a much better value, with over 10,000 puzzles, and which will be sure to improve your level of chess, from whatever level you start, be it beginner (unrated-ELO 200) to master (ELO 2200-2400).

With 2 new courses for beginners, 200 new teaching examples in the core CT-ART course, CT-ART 6.0 is the ultimate tactics training tool that can take you from the very basic principles to advanced, GM-level combinations! For this new edition, the material has been computer checked and revised.

The courses come in updated Peshk@ 2.0 interface that now accepts and gives points for suboptimal but still winning moves and supports multiple interface languages.

You also get web access on Mac or PC on the Chess King Learn site at and also on mobile (iOS & Android), see for a description and the links to download the free Chess King app.

Courses in CT-ART 6.0: (over 10,000 exercices in total!)

Level 1 – Chess Tactics for Beginners (ELO 200-1400; 1200+ puzzles);
Level 2 – Elementary Chess Combinations (ELO 1000-1400; 5000+ puzzles);
Level 3 – CT-ART for Beginners (ELO 1400-1600; 150 examples, 1500 puzzles);
Level 4 – CT-ART. Mating Combinations (ELO 1400 – 2000; 1200 ex., 700 p.);
Level 5 – Chess Tactics Art (ELO 1400 – 2400; 200 examples, 2200 puzzles).

If you have any questions, contact Diego.