It’s easy to uninstall Chess King:

On the Mac, all program and data are located in the application itself and the Application Support Folder. So to uninstall Chess King, simply delete both the chessking app in the application folder, and also the Application Support folder in the Library (~/Library/Application Support/ChessKing ).

On the PC, there are several options, one with the Windows Control Panel, use “uninstall program” or “add or remove programs”. Also on the DVD usually there is a uninstall program that will completely delete the application

Before deleting remember to save your PGN games in the Data folder if you want to reimport them in a newer version of Chess King. You can keep your profile by copying the XML text file from data\config\profiles into the same location in the new Chess King folder. It is also recommended to backup your PGN files in the data\Abases\PGN and also put it in the same location of the new program,
then import any PGN files you wish to work with.