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• July 2021: Added “Chess King 21 for Mac. The new Chess King 21 for Mac works on all Macs, including Mac OS. Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur.
• June 2021: If you own any Windows Peshka courses, you can upgrade your Peshka courses and save up to 40% by using coupon codes “peshka20″ (if you own 1-4 Peshka courses), or “peshka40″ (5+ courses), valid on all combos and Chess King Learn subscriptions. Enter proof of purchase in comments section of order form.
• April 2021: Added “Best of everything combo“, which includes playing/analyzing PC/Mac software + all 3 category interactive courses (currently 82), and all 20 video courses. Most complete and best priced offer ever.
• March 2021: Added the option to buy and download all non-protected chess video courses from chessking.tv. Level beginner and up
• December 2020: New CHESS KING 21. with new GigaKing database, new stronger engine Stockfish. Works on Windows PC’s. The Mac version is in the works. Also just out: the new Chess Assistant 21 and the new ChessOK Aquarium 2021, Check them out!
• Introduced a new “UNLIMITED CHESS KING LEARN – 3 CATEGORIES” option, with ALL courses in 3 categories. Options to buy for 1-year and Forever. The courses work on web (Mac & PC) and on mobile (iOS & Android), online and offline.
Together, Chess King and Chess King Learn provide the best chess learning available, for everyone from beginners to masters alike. Check out our CHESS KING LEARN PAGE and save money by getting a combo Software + Learning below.

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Chess King 21 for Mac (Download)

Price: $54.95

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Chess King 21 for PC (Download)

Price: $44.95

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Chess Assistant 21 (download)

Price: $94.95

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ChessOK Aquarium 2021 (download)

Price: $49.95

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