FULLY DIGITAL! You will get an email with activation code(s) and (download) link(s). Can be used on any number of PC’s you own, even simultaneously. This is NOT a DVD, it’s DIGITAL.

Chess King is an easy-to-use universal chess software package that will allow you to play, analyze, store your own games, solve puzzles, learn openings with a huge opening tree, and browse the enormous 8 million GigaKing database of major games played by masters since the beginning of time.

December 2023: We just received the new 2024 versions, they have the last improvements and a new GigaKing with games till the end of 2023. We have both the Windows and Mac version right now. The PC version works on all Windows versions, including Windows 11. The Mac version will work on all Macs with Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, Mac OS 11 Big Sur, Mac OS 12 Monterey, Mac OS 13 Ventura and even Mac OS 14 Sonoma. It also works with both Intel and the brand new M1 Macs. After Apple changed its OS and stopped supporting 32-bit programs, we are working hard to make Chess King compatible on most platforms!

With the purchase of either the complete program or even the upgrade, you also get free a 3-month pack of 90 complete courses of Chess King Learn, that work on all platforms, PC/Mac, Android/iOS, a $39.99 value.

Note we have now the best of both worlds, an ULTIMATE COMBO with both the Windows or Mac version of the software Chess King, to be able to PLAY, ANALYZE, STUDY OPENINGS STORE AND GO OVER GAMES, and the Best Learning Combo CHESS KING LEARN MAXIMUM 106, which is a Forever package that works on all platforms. For a limited time we have a 2-for-1 offer, buy one Combo and get 2 activations, one for you and one for a loved one.

Chess King 24 for PC (Download)

Price: $69.95

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Chess King 24 for Mac (Download)

Price: $84.95

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Price: $319.99

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