All Peshka Courses upgraded to Peshka 2.0!

BONUS!!! If you buy ANY Peshka course (interface is for Windows PC), we will also send you activation code(s) for the same course on web (Mac and PC), as well as for all your mobile devices, iOS and Android! All your purchased courses will work on web and mobile!

[New 2020] The interface for all ChessOK Interactive courses, Peshka, has been improved and upgraded to version 2.0, which will give more precise rating calculations, since it now accepts and gives points for suboptimal but still winning moves in many courses. All the courses you buy today will be installed in the new Peshka 2.0.

Note: All Peshka courses are for Windows PC’s, and work on any Windows version from XP, 7, 8 and Windows 10. The Chess King program is for Windows too. We are working on a Mac version and it should be available soon.

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