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NEW: CT-ART 10.0 – 10 Courses, All Platforms, Forever Access: Web, Mac/PC + mobile (iOS + Android).




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Ct-Art 10 is a combo of 10 tactics courses, levels 1 - 9 [Rating 200-2400]

web access Mac & PC and mobile iOS & Android in the Chess King app.

You also get web access on Mac or PC on the Chess King Learn site at learn.chessking.com and also on mobile (iOS & Android), see chessking.app for a description and the links to download the free Chess King app.


Ct-Art 6.0 since 2010 was the largest Tactics combo available with over 10,000 exercises for all chess players, from beginners to masters. The most used chess tactics package in the world. Now, 12 years later, Chess King perfected the exercises and added 10,000 to end with 20,000 exercises in all areas of tactics. You can access the courses directly in any web browser at learn.chessking.com or on any mobile phone or tablet via the free Chess King App (see chessking.app)


Original Courses included in CT-ART 6:
Level 1 - Chess Tactics for Beginners (ELO 200-1400; 1200+ puzzles)
The critically acclaimed chess training program (previously also called Chess Tactics for Beginners 2.0) based on the bestseller by the experienced coach Sergey Ivashchenko which became the chess publishing leader and sold over 200,000 copies. All exercises are classified by theme and difficulty.
Level 2 - Elementary Chess Tactics 1 (ELO 1000-1400; 5000+ puzzles)
Every beginning chess player needs to study simple tactical methods and learn how to employ them. This course (previously also called Elementary Chess Combinations) is designed for exactly this purpose and includes more than 5,000 exercises for beginners on the following chess tactics: fork, pin, double check, discovered check, annihilation of the opponent’s king defense, exploiting a back (1st) rank weakness.

Level 3 - Chess Tactics Art (For Beginners, ELO 1400-1600; 150 examples, 1500 puzzles)
This is a perfect training course for beginners that will introduce you to typical chess combinations and develop your playing skills. The exercises are classified according to more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

Level 4 - CT-ART. Chess Mate Theory (ELO 1400 - 2000; 1200 examples, 700 puzzles)
This excellent course for club players written by the famous coach Victor Khenkin (previously also called CT-ART. Mating Combinations) will illustrate the peculiarities of using certain pieces in mating combinations. The built-in hint system will help you understant and solve the more difficult puzzles.

Level 5 - CT-ART 4.0 (Chess Tactics 1200-2400 ELO); 2,200 exercises and 1,800 auxiliary exercises)
The legendary tactics course that has been voted more than once by chess experts as the best chess training program in the world. This version includes 2,200 basic exercises and 1,800 auxiliary exercises, divided into 50 topics. The course is based on the bestselling book Combination Motifs by a renowned trainer grandmaster Maxim Blokh. All positions have been hand-picked over the course of 20 years of training practice and come in the order that ensures most efficient learning. Each position comes with a special hint unique to this course – a 5x5 mini-position designed to convey the very essence of the tactical maneuver used in the main example.

Now, these 5 new courses have been added:

Mate in 2 (Chess Puzzles): The best way to improve your game is to train yourself on your device in solving problems from practical games. If you a beginner but already know how to mate in 1 move, you have to move on and learn how to attack a king and give mate in 2 moves! This course (previously also called Attack on the King I) includes 19 000 exercises from masters games. In every exercise you will have to find a best continuation for an attack against the king. All the exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of pieces and difficulty levels. A great number of exercises makes the course an excellent tool for quick training both beginners and club players.

Mate in 3-4 (Chess Puzzles): This course (previously also called Attack on the King II) includes more than 2500 exercises for mating in 3 or 4 moves. You will have to use your fantasy and precise calculation in order to find a correct way of attacking the king. After going through this course you are sure to improve your skills and abilities considerably and will not miss an opportunity to employ a nice little combination in a practical game of your own. The program is intended both for club players and intermediate players. All the exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of pieces and difficulty levels.

And 3 new courses most useful for students. Exercises guaranteed not to be repeated in other courses!

ART OF DEFENSE – 3500 exercises: Most important new course, that will help students avoid blunders by teaching all the ways to defend, such as moving away from attack, defending with another piece, capturing the attacking piece, intercepting the attack. Defending from mate is also covered.

BEGINNER TACTICS THEMES 1 – 2400 exercises: The course contains 2400 new exercises useful for consolidation of acquired knowledge. The exercises are classified according to tactical methods and motifs: "Сlearing", "Decoying", "Opening". All puzzles guaranteed not to be in any other course.

INTERMEDIATE TACTICS THEMES 1 – 300 exercises: This course includes more than 300 exercises for intermediate players. The exercises are classified according to tactical methods and motifs: "Сlearing", "Decoying", "Opening".

This is the Tactics Pack of Chess King Learn.
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Price: $59.99

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